The Coolest Bike Helmets Ever!

August 1, 2007 at 8:46 pm | Posted in Bikes, Cool, Cycling, Helmets, Kristin Bell, Nutcase, Riding, Safety | 2 Comments

bike helmet

I’m nuts over these nutcase bike helmets! Go to and see what I am talking about. But you can look at some of them here…

helmet 2bike helmet 3

Back when I was a kid we didn’t wear helmets, but I guess it is a good idea to wear a helmet while biking even though I really hate it. It makes your head sweat and you feel all stiff-necked and everything. But, I guess we have to submit to the ways of safety. Well, I’ve had an ugly-ass bike helmet for too long. I tried to paint it and it turned out okay, but it does have drip marks and I’m afraid when it rains it will drip. I actually am not entirely sure where my ugly-ass bike helmet is right now! Luckily I have found the answer to ugly helmet problems: OMG, these helmets are so friggin’ amazing and cute! They have tons of styles to choose from and they sell them online too! The helmets that I saw are $39.99 which is about the cost of a regular bike helmet, so I think that is pretty good considering how awesome the bike helmets are! Another item for the credit card! Yipes I better stop shopping!

helmet 4


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  1. AWESOME TIP!!! Thank you SOOOOOOO much, I hate my bike helmet and you’ve made my world so much better by blogging about this!!! I’m gonna buy one right now then post it on facebook!

  2. Hey, no problem! Glad to be of help! :) Have a good day! :)

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