New Glasses: Yippee!

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I wear both contacts and glasses. Usually I wear contacts just because I can see better with them, but when I’m not wearing them I need to wear glasses in order to see clearly. Well, I just got some new glasses yesterday and I really love them. They are made by this company in France called Face á Face and I really love the designs of their glasses. My last pair was made by them too.

I’ve had to wear glasses ever since I was a kid and let me tell you it hasn’t always been fun or fashionable! Yes, I had those big, ugly owl-like glasses back in the day! Then I tried contacts and for awhile the only kind I could get were gas-permeable and they would fall out of my eyes all the time, they were hard and hard to take care of. Eventually I got to have soft contacts and now I even get disposable contacts which are ten times better! I love the way my contacts feel and how well I can see out of them nowadays AND they are very easy to take care of.

I’m happy to report that now the eyewear industry has finally started designing cute, fun and fashionable glasses! I love the Face á Face brand, because of how their glasses utilize light and color. The glasses I have from them are made largely from colored plastic, but the plastic is such that it really plays with light and lets the light filter through the lenses and through the plastic parts. Also, when I am wearing them it is interesting to see how the light will work with the plastic to create a soft glow through the plastic. The frame shapes are also very stylish and wonderful. The glasses seem to fit my face better than other types of glasses and I like the clean, modern styling of the frames.

And yes, they do cost a small fortune! I guess that is what a credit card is for: sigh. I wish they weren’t so extremely expensive, but I do love them. Plus, they are going to hopefully last me a year or two, so I guess they are worth the investment.

As a bit of a sidenote to anyone out there who needs or wants glasses: don’t buy them on the internet. Glasses are something that you need to try on. Your face shape, your eye, hair and skin color all play a part in what sort of glasses will look best on you. Sometimes the glasses you think are the cutest on the rack actually look the ugliest on your face. When I was trying on glasses recently I even tried the same glasses that I got in a different color that I thought would be better, but then the glasses just looked completely wrong! Also, if you go to an eye doctor they will be able to adjust the glasses so they fit your face correctly. There’s nothing like wearing bad fitting glasses! Yuck!

Well, for now I have a brand new wonderful pair of glasses and they even came with a beautiful orange and purple hard eyeglass case and wiping cloth! I’m so excited about them. The above picture shows my new glasses, although it really doesn’t do the glasses justice. They are much more lovely and beautiful than you can see in the photo. Please do check out the Face á Face site to see all of their beautiful glasses!

4 thoughts on “New Glasses: Yippee!

  1. I totally love it….and might i say from my perspective……..the glasses almost matches the hair colour….interesting thought…. :P (then again…my own glasses may be playing tricks on me….your thoughts ?

  2. Actually, the photograph isn’t exactly true to color. My hair is lighter than the glasses, but I do think that the glasses go well with my hair…just a tad darker which works with the color. But thank you! Yes, I think the matching hair thing is why they work on my face, because I tried on the same style in red and they didn’t go at all. Thanks Zoe! Hugs. :)

  3. Hi Kirsten just wanted to say thanks for the comment you left on my blog about my specs – your glasses are great too! Very trendy! And nice colour – don’t see that shade very often! Take care, Charlotte :)

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