Hello Kitty Mirrors

Cute, Hello Kitty, Mimmy, Mirror, Sanrio, Vintage


Okay, time for something fun! I just wanted to share with you my tiny collection of Hello Kitty mirror sets! I only have three, but they are very cute. The one that is shaped like a rectangle and has Hello Kitty and Mimmy on it is a vintage mirror.


I have had it since I was a little girl…probably since I was about five-years-old or even younger! The other two mirrors I bought a little while ago. It is kind of funny, because all of the mirrors have the same shape comb and everything inside! It is like they have used the same mold or something from the beginning. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it looks like it. These little mirror/comb sets are very durable, because they are made of hard plastic. I think that is why mine has lasted so long.


I still remember when I first got the vintage one. I remember staring at it on the back patio of my house with it in my hand. I always loved Hello Kitty and I still do! And not only are these mirror sets cute, but they are practical too! If you ever need to comb your hair or look in a mirror if you have this in your purse or bag you are ready to go!



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