Kitty Teeth Care

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Well, here’s something not a lot of people think about: cleaning your cat’s teeth! I didn’t know that we are actually supposed to clean our cats’ teeth, but I guess that is what the vet suggests. Now just how we are going to be able to do this is another story altogether! I still haven’t attempted it with my cats, but it is important, because plaque and tartar can build up which might lead to gum disease and your cat (or mine) could lose their teeth!

Well, my cat, Kiki, just got back from the vet where he had his teeth professionally cleaned. He needed this because his teeth were in bad shape I guess. I know, I know it sounds like a totally unnecessary and ridiculous thing to get your cat’s teeth cleaned, but I swear it isn’t. Okay, I mean if you can’t afford to do it it won’t kill your cat to have bad teeth I guess, but your cat might end up losing their teeth to gum disease. My other cat died from cancer in her mouth and I wonder if she didn’t get it because we didn’t take good care of her teeth or something? I just don’t know.

So, I’m including a photo of Kiki here. His fur had to be shaved for the injections they gave him while he was at the vet. They had to put him under anesthetic for the procedure. I was worried about him going under, but he survived just fine. It is so strange that his fur is white underneath, because he is actually an all black colored cat on top! I wonder if his fur will grow back in white or black!

Kiki really didn’t enjoy going to the vet that much though. He actually hissed at my mom when she went to pick him up and he did sleep really soundly when he came home. He was probably still a little groggy from the medicine. But he is okay now. We just have to water down his crunchy food for a couple of days and give him some anti-bacteria medicine for a little while.

I’ll include this site with information about how to brush your cat’s teeth and you should check on the internet about the importance of cat dental care if you have a cat and don’t already know about it. Oh yes, one last thing: don’t ever clean your cat’s teeth with human toothbrushes or toothpaste! You need to get cat-specific stuff instead or it could harm your cat.

As for me, I still have to figure out how to brush my cats’ teeth! Wish me luck! hehe. :)

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