Campaign Against PETA Begins…

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I am thinking that I should start a campaign against PETA. Not because I really disagree with them all that much. I used to be a vegetarian afterall. I held out for two years until I…I won’t say until I came to my senses, but yes, I fell off the vegetarian wagon and am now an evil meat eater. Why do I even care about PETA? Because I’m disgusted with what the President of PETA has done to Michael Moore. The President of PETA wrote a letter to Michael Moore in which she chastises him for being fat. She says about his new movie Sicko which is about the health care crisis in America: if only you’d become a vegetarian and lose weight then you wouldn’t need health care! She even compared him to an elephant. Yes, it is true. I don’t even think it was just a publicity stunt for PETA to get more attention, because this woman probably believes her stinky shite. Well, I hadn’t heard about any of this until I read Liz Spikol’s The Trouble With Spikol blog (she is fabulous by the way). She was very supportive of Michael Moore and rightly called out the slimy PETA wench for being the dolt that she is. So, I just wanted to thank Liz for standing up for fat people and now she has gone and published my letter! Amazing! You can read my whole tirade here at Worth, Not Girth or I guess you can check out a snippet of it in the Philadelphia Weekly! Awesome! Down with PETA! Animals deserve better!

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4 thoughts on “Campaign Against PETA Begins…

  1. I cook on the BBQ circuit and we are all members of PETA!

    PETA = People eating tasty animals

    Kudos to you for standing up to those animal snobs!

  2. The way that humans treat (and eat) animals is a serious issue. PETA seems to be doing a whole lot more for the cause than people who eat meat, so don’t direct your comments at the organisation. Stick to the woman. Just because she’s the President doesn’t mean that she’s always right, and her comments don’t necessarily speak for PETA as a whole.

  3. The woman who made that comment about Michael Moore sounds like a F…. idiot. What does his weight have to do with the issue HIS MOVIE is about? She can’t think of anything helpful (or intelligent) to say so she uses his weight. We have a MAJOR health care issue in this country and what’s up with that F’ing (medicare D) donut? WTF are people supposed to do?? I work in the medical industry and it frustrates the ever-stinking SH.. out of me.

  4. I agree with you completely! What does his weight have to do with anything???!!! As a person who needs medical coverage, health care in this country really frightens me too!!! Thanks for your wonderful comments!!! :)

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