penguin card 1

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This is the third card in the series of cards I am making for my aunt. This is a penguin being sheltered by its parent. There are more photos after the jump.

cat card 1

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This is another card in the series for my aunt. Click the link for more photos. Also, you can click the photos to see an enlarged image.

horse card 1

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I just made this horse card for my aunt. Shhh. Don’t tell her! haha There are more photos if you click on the next page link.

dog psychiatrists

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I’ve wanted to make something for my psychiatrist for a LONG time, and I finally made something today! I hope he likes it! Those are his dogs that he has in his office with him. They sit on his couch with me when I go see him. :)

art journal b.2.

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art journal b.1.

Art, Flowers, Hello Kitty, Kristin Bell

art journal a.1.

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New Starbucks Cards Site


I have a collection of Starbucks Cards, so I thought I’d make a little blog site for them.

Here is the link if you are interested:

I Just Want To Say This

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