Kiki R.I.P.

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I have some horrible news to report. If you don’t already know (I announced this on youtube and my facebook page) my beloved and super-amazing cat, Kiki, died a little over a week ago. :( Of course, I was devastated, and still am. He was a wonderful companion and friend. I couldn’t have wished for a better cat. A couple of months ago I rushed Kiki to the hospital, because he was very ill. He almost died then, but managed to survive somehow. We thought maybe he had swallowed some medicine or something, but then the other day he had the same symptoms. We now kind of doubt the medicine theory and believe that he may have had a stroke or some kind of neurological problem. I only wish that I had been there with him, so he didn’t have to die alone at the vet. I also never got to say goodbye or hold him one last time. We got him cremated and I now have a small box with his ashes inside. Not the way I wanted him to come home, but at least he is ┬áhome now. If only you could have known Kiki, you would have loved him too. I will always miss him.

It’s A GirlzLyfe Thing!

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I just wanted to tell you guys about this cute website that I found! If you are into Kawaii and cute stuff, read on. If not, sorry to bore you! :) They have