Seriously Addicted to ANTM

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me with my ANTM-inspired make-up

Okay, you may wonder where I have been hiding. I’m sort of stymied for topics to write about right now and I have become addicted to America’s Next Top Model via YouTube uploads. Right now I am on Cycle 8. For me, watching ANTM is a complicated issue. Why? Because of the whole fat thing of course. How can I willingly spend

New Bearista Site Coming Soon!

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Hi There! I just wanted to let you all that are interested know that I am working on a new website specifically for my Bearista Bears! I thought that I didn’t want to

Photoshop Can Make Anyone Beautiful!

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Here I am posting another photo I took of myself with my laptop. Then I messed around with it in Photoshop. It is my belief that

Black And White Image of Me

Kristin Bell, self-portrait

Well, I was just messing around with taking my pic with my laptop the other day. Actually, I must confess, because I am constantly taking weird photos of myself with PhotoBooth, the photo application that comes with Macs. I take lots of