Notes on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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I just wanted to share this great video made by my friend Zoe who is on YouTube under the Continue Reading Notes on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)…

Bookworms Rejoice!

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Okay, this post is for all of you bookworms out there! If you don’t know about this site, then here it is, the greatest website in the world for bookworms:! I was looking on someone else’s blog when I found a link to this website. Long story short, it is like YouTube for books! It allows you to Continue Reading Bookworms Rejoice!…

A Book Everyone Should Read!

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I just finished reading Elyn R. Saks’ book, The Center Cannot Hold, and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially people who are touched by someone who has mental illness. The book is a memoir of Ms. Saks’ life and coming to terms with schizophrenia. From an early age she recalls having strange thoughts, but Continue Reading A Book Everyone Should Read!…

Hummingbird Lost His Way

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I just wanted to share these photos that my mom took of the hummingbird that has taken up residence outside near our yard somewhere. They are supposed to fly South for the Winter, but apparently this bird Continue Reading Hummingbird Lost His Way…

Time To Come Clean

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extreme house

Okay, there is something that I haven’t wanted to admit to anyone. Only my family knows about this. It is my dark secret and I don’t know how to stop! I can’t stop Continue Reading Time To Come Clean…

Steps To Body Acceptance #6

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Well, it is that time of year: the holidays. I know that for people with eating disorders this can seem like the most terrible time of year. Whether you are facing holiday get-togethers with family, friends or co-workers or are just tempted by the food that is normally around, there is no doubt about it: if you have food issues these times will be hard. The thing I want to say about this is Continue Reading Steps To Body Acceptance #6…

Schizophrenia Research I’m Participating In

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eye tracking

You might be asked to participate in an eye tracking exercise like the one shown above. All of the equipment is just used to keep your head still and to track your eyes.


I just wanted to let you all know about this schizophrenia research study I am most likely going to be participating in and I hope that if any of you out there are interested, you will join in on the study! Well, as you might know, I got a new job at Well, one day I was visiting the site and an ad popped up looking for research participants for this schizophrenia research study! Here is the link:

Unfortunately, at this time it isn’t an Continue Reading Schizophrenia Research I’m Participating In…

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