On Being Thin…

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I wanted to put a link up to this video. I don’t think it fits in with YouTube’s guidelines, so it may be taken down at any time. I’ll try to check back on this post to make sure it is still a live link. Anyway, this is part one of the HBO video series Thin. It is an interesting look at eating disorders. It basically follows these few women who are in an eating disorders clinic. Full access for the most part, so if you get grossed out by vomiting, cover your eyes. You can find the entire show at this YouTuber’s page http://www.youtube.com/user/quoth. You’ll probably want to watch the entire show. I found it interesting and it did stir up a lot of conflicting emotions in me. If you have an eating disorder it may trigger you or something, so just make sure to take care of yourself when you watch this.

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